Stretching and Mobility Tips

By Brian de Brauwere

You know that feeling the first time you get down behind the catcher to take warm up pitches? When your hips just don't want to open up and everything feels tight in your legs. For me, a tight hipped individual, I thought that was an unavoidable part of the job. I always included a series of stretches before workouts and games, but that only served to stretch within my current range of motion, not improve those sticky areas that restricted it. That is why I was so excited about finding this site, The movements, developed by San Fransisco Crossfit owner Kelly Starrett, serve to unglue tight hips, knees and shoulders, making you a better more powerful athlete. So far he has posted over 150 videos, one each day since August of last year. Whether you start from the beginning or just grab a movement when it looks like something that would benefit you, you'll be a looser more prepared version of yourself afterward. Enjoy.